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Know Your Sources

Before creating a question, you should ponder whether it's already floating somewhere.

  • You can find a link to the BioShock Wiki in English on the front page. Reading its articles should be enough to answer simple questions.
  • Use this wiki's search bar. Remember: the search bar is not the one you use to input your question. A single key word should take you to what you wish to find out about. Of course, said key word should be correctly spelt out. For example, if you are trying to read about Brigid Tenenbaum, looking for the likes of "brigit tenenbaun" won't do much. Factoid: until the development of BioShock 2, her first name was spelled "Bridgette".
  • Click on Categories! Normally, every answered question should be included in one or several categories. You might find what you're looking for if your question is related to any of those categories.

Question Inputs

Once you're sure your question hasn't been addressed anywhere, you may now input the question.

  • Don't write a partial question. Questions are supposed to have query words (what, where, how, who, when...) in them.
  • Remember to clarify which BioShock media you're talking about.
  • Again, use a correct spelling for each name and term.
    • all codes where? [NO]
    • Where can I find each BioShock 2 code? [CORRECT]
  • Be mindful if your question is answerable: asking the weight of a Big Daddy is fine, as such a detail may be in an official source. Enquiring if a future BioShock game will be on the Nintendo Switch; this could only be answered by one working on such a thing.

Candidates for Deletion

If you somehow fail to comply with this tutorial, any incomplete questions will be promptly deleted.

  • Duplicate questions
    • Reminder: you can save their links in order to check whether someone has answered to your queries.
  • Partial questions
    • Reminder: you can still rename your questions & use the comments to add whichever you need. Don't do it in the answer box, as that'll show your question as answered.
  • Questions which answers can be easily found on the main BioShock wiki in English.
  • Questions which are replied by the user who originally asked them.
  • Spam, gibberish & contents that aren't related to BioShock.
    • This also applies to answers and comments.

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