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No. Once ADAM is in one’s system, it cannot be removed without them dying. (Fontaine for example) but since Jack was only in Rapture a few days at most, he was not disfigured because he wasn't exposed to the ADAM for long periods of time like the Splicers.

Then again she said in an audio diary that user has to take more of it to stem back the tide of this "benign cancer". So she must've found a way of removing it or at least making the unstable stem cells more stable at the cost of removing the abilities that they grant. As Jack lived at least another 30 years without showing any visible disfigurement on his arms; it is possible that it can be removed or neutralised safely if the user hadn't had it in them for too long, the Splicers were beyond help, they were dead long before Jack arrived.

Given by what happens at the end of Minerva's Den, it is entirely possible.

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