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There are 21 Little Sisters in BioShock which are spread about the game. The locations are as follows:

  • Welcome to Rapture: 2
    • 2 Little Sisters can be seen in one Little Sister Vent each, extremely briefly; and one Little Sister is seen for a moment, but none of them can be rescued or harvested.
  • Medical Pavilion: 2
    • Only the second Little Sister is protected by a Big Daddy.
  • Neptune's Bounty: 3
  • Arcadia: 2
  • Farmer's Market: 1
  • Fort Frolic: 3
  • Hephaestus: 3
  • Olympus Heights: 2
  • Apollo Square: 2
  • Point Prometheus: 3
  • Proving Grounds: N/A
    • The Little Sister which the player needs to protect is not counted because she cannot be rescued or harvested, since she is no longer implanted with a slug.
  • The Endgame: N/A
    • After fighting Fontaine, the player can only see Little Sisters coming out of their vents and stabbing Fontaine to death with their needles.

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